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Tumble Gym Bus specializes in promoting healthy living for children between the ages of two and six. Embracing a healthy lifestyle begins with a balanced nutrition, along with a combination of physical activity. We are dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of our families through education and physical fitness. Our health-conscious staff is committed to being a positive mentor and role model for the kids and parents. Last, but not least, we are here to have fun, build positive self-esteem and share a caring relationship with all children in the community. 


Jamie Boggeln – Owner/Instructor

 Purple-32- Lean to the sideJamie is a super active and outgoing person. She is hardly ever just idol which is why the Tumble Gym Bus has been such a great outlet for her! While being the oldest in a large family, she always knew that she was going to work with  kids,  Jamie has always just felt a natural connection to them.  After graduating high school,  she worked at a North County preschool in the adaptive physical education department for 8 years while going to school to get her three teaching credentials at Cal State San Marcos. After getting those credentials she later taught middle school students with Autism.  This was a very challenging position which lead her into purchasing the bus and starting her own company.  That was 7 years ago!

Currently, Jamie lives with her husband.  They have Mckenzie who is a very active 7 year old.   Could it be from her mother?  Jamie and Tom have also been blessed with their five year old son who has an identity crisis and thinks that he is Darth Vader for most of the day!  Jamie absolutely LOVES yoga and wishes she could go everyday. She credits yoga to her being able to handle so many things at once and still being able to keep calm.

Jamie’s passion for kids is truly easy to see when  she is working with them. She loves to watch the way their little brains work when they are trying to grasp a concept. One of her favorites is when she gets a super shy kid on the bus and in a matter of weeks and sometimes months their personalities start to emerge and blossom!  Jamie knows that to get a child’s silliness out, she too has to be silly and let them know that it is okay to let go and be who you are. Jamie finds the work that she does with the Tumble Gym Bus truly rewarding.


Our Awesome Instructors

Theresa Worthington

Theresa Worthington

Kamarria Rehn

Kamarria Rehn

Elleine Sanchez – Photo to come


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